Busche’s Garage has

NO used parts, Bikes, old junk for sale.

I don’t have the room nor do I want to run a junk yard.

speedo-kph replicaI have done extensive research and have access to New and Old Stock parts and quality after-market parts for bikes in the shop, many have to be imported from Europe or the USA through Companies I am a Dealer for. I keep most of my suppliers to myself. Although I have Dealer status with several parts distributors within Canada, many parts for Classic Motorcycles must be imported into Canada from the U.S., Europe or Japan and some Canadian based suppliers charge in US dollars. As a result of this there can often be a difference between the estimated price of parts and the invoiced price. This is because of the ever changing exchange rates for the US dollar, the Euro and Japanese Yen. It has also proven to be nearly impossible to forecast the actual shipping, import duties and brokerage fees charged to import parts for your job.I don’t generally sell parts over the counter unless you are a customer and pick them up. Shipping is expensive and a pain for me to do. Any parts that are ordered over the phone or in person will be paid in full before I order them and if there are unforeseen shipping or import costs they must be paid before the parts are released. I have had much success with buying used parts and refurbishing them in order to replace unavailable parts on bikes in the shop for work.

replica exhaustIn order to serve you better I stock many maintenance parts for 1970s to mid 1980s Hondas and some Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha parts Р all others are found and ordered as required.



Some Parts may have a limited warranty which is provided by the manufacturer, however they are honored in accordance with their stated policy not by Busche’s Garage. I will deliver to you any warranty card that comes with the parts but it is your responsibility to register them with the manufacturer to receive the warranty coverage. Note that racing parts and high performance parts are sold by their manufacturers with no warranty because of their intended use.

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