Important Notice from Jeff

This NOTICE is posted to inform you of the suddenly changed situation that has happened and that affects how I run my business from now on.

To all my customers that have so patiently been waiting on my mandatory Shop Waiting List for their turn to have me work on their Classic Motorcycles. As I am sure you know, life often takes unexpected turns and that is the case with me and my business. Although it has been a struggle physically for me, I love working on and saving the old Classics and it is my intention to continue, as best I can, to do what I love.

It is with some sadness that I have to announce that as of August 26th 2016, I will no longer be open on a full time basis. This is because I have been head hunted by a dealership to work full time as head mechanic. This is a complete surprise to me but I could not turn down the offer. Also note that effective October 01 2016 I will be disconnecting the business phone line so contact will have to be through my business E-MAIL on the CONTACT PAGE of my website.

As a result of this new situation I will be changing to PART TIME at Busche’s Garage and the type of work I do in my shop will change to mainly FULL RESTORATIONS and MECHANICAL RESTORATIONS. I will no longer take in NEW SERVICE TYPE WORK. I will continue to do servicing on bikes for my existing customers if they wish, however, because of the part time nature of my new shop hours it will take longer for this type of service work to progress through the shop.

I will continue to only take in new work via my SHOP WAITING LIST. If you are on the Shop Waiting List, I will honour your position on it however when I will be able to take your bike into the shop off the List will be solely determined by how quickly I am able to clear work that is ahead of you on the List as I work through it on a PART TIME BASIS.

I would like to extend a heart felt THANK YOU to all the customers who have used my services over the last 5 1/2 years and for allowing me to work on your CLASSIC MOTORCYCLES. It has been a pleasure. Please feel free to contact me via EMAIL if you have any questions.

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