Honda CB350 Engine Build Videos #2

Today Tony from the YouTube Channel Saturdays Wrench uploaded the second video in this Engine Rebuild series. Tony is building a CB350 Cafe project and documenting it for his YouTube Channel. Check it out, there is lots of great information there. This video covers assembling the bottom end of the motor and explaining some of the things I do when I rebuild a motor. In this case we are rebuildingĀ  a 1973 Honda CB350G motor but it all applies to any motor.I hope you are enjoying the videos. I think they are a great showcase of my talents and hopefully will be of assistance to people with the courage to tackle it themselves. Enjoy.

One thing I did want to mention when you watch these videos. Remember that there is probably 8 to 10 times as much time spent to do the work for every 1 hour of video. Building a motor is a time consuming process that can’t be rushed. With 28 + years of experience I make it all look fairly easy but although these videos are fairly comprehensive, they really only show the process and are not intended to be a How To but more me showing the process and giving a few pointers along the way. There is nothing wrong with trying an engine rebuild yourself but it is a wise man who recognizes their limits, as Tony did, and have a professional do the work that is beyond your capabilities. For safety’s sake.


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