The long lost new bike in a crate from the factory #1

OK, technically speaking this is not really a 1974 Norton 850 Commando new in a crate from the factory, but, except for the missing crate and with only 96 miles on the clock it’s probably as close as I will see. When I picked this bike up I knew the owner was the original but I was astounded when I read the odometer. 96 miles !!!

It is really a treat to work on the old girl. The owner is having me re-commission her for Sunday drives. Believe me that is not just a matter of checking the oil and giving the starter motor a stab. In this series of Blog posts I will go through all the things I did and what I found. In the mean time feast your eyes on what a brand new 1974 Norton 850 Commando looks like after all those years under a blanket.


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