Honda CB350 Engine Build Videos #1


A while ago I was contacted by a nice fellow wondering if I would like to built his motor and whether I would mind him videoing the process. It turns out that he has been building a Honda CB350 Café project and had the sense to know that the engine was best left to a professional. He has been documenting the project on his YouTube Channel Saturdays Wrench.

Before I committed to letting him film it I checked out his Channel and I was impressed with the video’s quality and presentation and Tony really put in the effort to do his research before hammering on stuff. From the videos I think he is doing a great job on the project and when he does make a mistake he finds out why and corrects it. That’s how you learn. I decided to help him out and let him film the engine build process. I am sure you will learn from it and it illustrates why sometimes it’s better to do what you are good at to earn the money to pay me to do what I am good at. Rebuilding a motor and especially a modified one like this should not be taken lightly and is complicated. A small mistake can really ruin your day.

Today Tony uploaded the first video in the series which covers taking a good look at the motor and explaining some of the things to look for when you rebuild a Honda CB350 motor. Actually this applies to most bike motors. I am having fun working on the videos with Tony and I think the first one turned out great.

It’s well worth your effort to check out Tony’s YouTube Channel Saturdays Wrench He has put a lot of time, effort and money into it and it shows. I can hardly wait to see his CB350 Café project when he is done this summer. I will update the Blog as the videos progress.

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