Fully Restored 71 CB750K0

This is an example of the “it’s my baby and I want it to be better than new” philosophy behind this bike. This can happen when you have wanted a big bore CB750K since you where young. This bike came to me to have it restored to new condition with a well built 836cc motor. Sort of like a resto-mod restoration. It looks stock but with something special under the hood.

Poor old girl, she’s looking a bit tired

This particular bike is and interesting model because it is what has come to be known as a CB750K0 and was manufactured October of 1970. Although Honda never designated them as such in the later 70’s the factory started using the K0 to differentiate it from the later 1971 CB750K1 production. The K0 is basically a 1969-70 CB750 model with 71 carbs and where the first 8000 or so machines off the1971 production line for 1971 model year.

As with every job I started with a thorough inspection and parts locating. In this case that included tearing down the motor and measuring it to determine what was needed to built a strong 836cc big bore motor.

Chassis with motor removed being disassembled



LABOR TOTAL 58.5Hr X $69 = $4,036.50

The chassis was in good condition visually, low miles on the clock and with some obvious new parts and other items like the fenders which must have been re-chromed because they look so good. The bodywork was in good condition. It appeared that the bike had a spruce up about 10 years ago. The chassis work to put the old girl back to better than new operation is below.


So many pieces


LABOR TOTAL 83Hr X $69=$5,727


When I took the motor apart it was obvious the odometer was probably correct with low miles but it had sat for some time over it’s life as I found the rocker arm shafts rusted and the cylinders rusted and pistons black from the rust with gummed up rings. The clutch was not installed correctly and was hitting the cover and just to add to the challenge 1 of the crank journal case bolts was seized. A great place to start. The motor work to make a strong 836cc motor is below.


This very enjoyable project represents more that $16,000 worth of parts and labor and in my opinion was well worth it. If you would like you machine restored to this level contact me to be put on the waiting list and make your dreams come true.

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