The things I find #2

Sometimes I am amazed at what I find when working on peoples bikes. The other day I was working on a 85 Suzuki Intruder 750 cleaning the carbs and getting it running right. When I removed the fuel tank there they where. Loose fasteners, poorly routed wiring and cables and when I went to remove the carbs some twit had routed the throttle synchronizing cable under a frame rail making it impossible to remove them without disconnecting it! They also bent the adjuster on the cable. Everything was shoved it there such that one of the chokes was being held open and the cable was not designed to bend that way and could have caused it to jam open which is dangerous. No wonder it didn’t run well.

The lesson to learn from this is if you work on your own machine get a service manual and read it or bring it to a professional like me to do the work. Even after 27 years in the trade I always use a manual when working on machines because no one can keep everything in their head, guessing is dangerous and it allows me to ensure I catch other peoples mistakes.

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