Busche's Garage

Important info about the future of Busche’s Garage.

I am writing this notice with a somewhat sad heart and hope that you will understand. Over the last couple of months I have had some health and personal issues that have caused me to take a deep look at my life and current situation. Although I do enjoy working on the Classic old Motorcycles I have to say that my passion for doing so has disappeared and I have realized that if I am going to accomplish any of my bucket list items before I am gone , I have to do so now.

The universe has smiled on me and made it possible for me to retire from the motorcycle industry after 30 years as a licensed Motorcycle Mechanic. I will be closing my shop permanently as of March 31st 2017. I have two motorcycles left in the shop and when they are completed I will be moving away and starting a much deserved retirement.

Please understand that this is a very recent development and I regret having to surely disappoint all the people that have so patiently been waiting on my Shop Waiting List for their turn to have me work on their Classic motorcycles. I know there are very few other people with the knowledge or who are willing to work on Classic bikes and if I where a younger man I would not hesitate to open a much larger operation in Toronto as I know there is a market but my time has come to move on to a new phase in my life.

I wish all my past customers good luck in your Classic Motorcycling adventures in the future and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your business in the past.